TEam Case Studies

Geographic Micro Targeting

Working in conjunction with a public postal service with €56B in revenue, the dimap practice leaders are the backbone, by providing data for the micro targeting of political messages which helps political parties better target communications in the form of direct mail campaigns. The analytical expertise provided to the postal service is based on proprietary algorithms on the patterns of voting intent to the postal code level.

Predictive Data Intelligence

A professional association with over 36,000 members retained the team to support membership retention and its expansion strategy through evidence-based decision-making and greater internal collaboration. This included building an analytics function with live data dashboards and creating predictive indicators of the future retention behaviours of members.

Sentiment Monitoring

World-renowned Bloomberg News Service, which has over $9B USD in annual revenue, chose Nanos to conduct Bloomberg's weekly Canadian consumer sentiment tracking, known as the Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index. The data is streamed to Bloomberg terminals and subscribers globally. Since 2008, the Index highly co-varies to key economic indicators and is a statistically robust and advanced indicator of consumer sentiment.

Longitudinal Bi-national Tracking

Nanos Research and the State University of New York at Buffalo have a co-operative research tracking initiative on the US-Canada relationship. Launched in 2005, this ongoing sentiment and perception tracking focuses on national security issues, energy policy, border issues and perceptions on human rights, family values and business values. The purpose of this long-term tracking is to add to the discussions on Canada-US relations and to engage stakeholders, institutions, and entrepreneurs in a direct fashion.   

Behavioural Consumer Insight

A specialty cable channel with over $400M CAD in annual revenue retained the team to conduct a behavioural and market insight study of TV viewers who watch sporting events. The project included estimating the value of the channel’s event offering in terms of subscribers and revenue generated. The research gauged consumer sentiment, impressions and price sensitivity. The intelligence gathered by the team was used to prepare a negotiations strategy between the specialty channel and broadcasters.  

Political Pulse Taking

Leading media organizations turn to the nanos dimap team to provide reliable insight on the political landscape. The world’s largest public broadcaster, ARD (Germany) which has a budget of over €6.9B, trusts the dimap practice leaders to conduct exit and public opinion polling for state and federal elections in Germany. Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, and Canada’s largest private broadcaster, CTV News, have Nanos as their pollster of record. The nanos dimap team provides reliable world class monitoring of the political environment.